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Actuator Hinge 50Ohm 4mm Coil Inline Nylon
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Weight 0.14grams
Height 9.0mm
Width 6.2mm
Thickness 0.97mm
Resistance 50 Ohm
Coil Diameter 4.0mm
Voltage 0 - 5 Volts
Connector none
Movement Proportional

This actuator is very strong being made from 0.97mm Nylon yet it is possibly the lightest in-line actuator available. It’s unique construction features two joined supports on the end which you can cut off with a hobby knife before installing. This means that you can handle the unit while soldering it without danger of damaging it. It’s thickness also makes it perfect for embedding into wooded surfaces or Depron surfaces which are 1mm thick instead of gluing it to the top of the surface. These units come with no connector and are ready to solder directly to your receiver unit.

Showing the actuator deflection amount - about 45 degrees

Hints and Tips - Soldering actuator wires
soldering actuator wires


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