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Battery Voltage Tester 1-2S Molex 1.25mm Plug
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600mah 1S 3.7v Lipo Battery


Voltage 2.5-9volts
Battery Spec 1S - 2S
LED Colour Red
Connector Molex 1.25mm

This battery voltage sensor can test 1S and 2S batteries. It gives a clear readout even in bright light so it’s just the thing to keep in your flight pack.

The unit is covered in clear heat shrink for protection. However, if you need to recalibrate the unit, you can remove the heat shrink and adjust the sensitivity by turning this adjustment pot with a fine point phillips head screwdriver.

The connector on this charger is the JST PH 2.0mm - commonly referred to as an MCPX connector. See this page for further details on the connector.


Price: $7.90

Holiday Notification

7th Dec - 26th Dec
Orders received between these dates will be sent on the 27th December

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