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FPV Flight Recorder HD with Video Output
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Res 1280 x 720
FPS 30
Voltage 3.7 - 5.0V
Max SD 32GB
Lense Deg 170 Degree
Current Draw 8200 mAh
Weight 9.8 grams

This HD flight recorder also has a video feed line out so you can record your flight in HD quality as well as using the unit to supply a video feed to your VT unit. It features a 120degree high quality wide angle lens and records video at 1280 x 720P and 30 frames a second. We recommend using a good “class 10” micro SD Card (not included) for best results.

The recorder can support up to 32GB micro SDS cards and the recording format is AVI. It runs on voltage in the range of 3.7 to 5 volts so it can be powered by any VTx which runs on a standard 1S (3.7volt) battery pack or from a standard receiver plug. Audio is recorded locally on the device but only video ius fed through to your  VTx on the line out.  

The connector is a Molex 3 pin plug. This supplies power to the device as well as the video line out. The system should be wired up to be powered from your VTx unit taking the positive and negative lines from there to the unit.


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