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MicronWings Mini Delta (Airframe Kit)
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Wingspan 43cm
Flying Weight 33 grams
Channels 3 (elevon)
Geardrive 7mm
Construction Depron
1Assembly Instructions


The Mini Delta has been designed to be a stable indoor flyer airframe capable of cruising around at slow speeds on half throttle. The airframe is supplied as a kit which is laser cut from various thicknesses of Depron foam as well as balsa. Construction is quite easy and a detailed construction manual is available for download. The model is suitable for intermediate level flyers. The airframe features landing skids attached to the wings which allow for easy landings without damaging the airframe, and these skids also guard against frontal impacts.
Note: This kit requires a transmitter capable of elevon mixing. Please ensure your transmitter is capable of elevon mixing before purchasing.

Included In Kit

* Airframe Parts Sheets (Depron)
* Airframe Bracing Parts (Balsa)
* Motor / Geardrive and Propeller
* Control Linkages + Pushrods
* Sandpaper Sheet
* Decal Stickers

Needed to Complete
* Micro Receiver with 3A ESC
* Two Micro Servos (5320 Servos)
* Transmitter and Battery Charger
* Battery (Nanotech 160mah 1S)
* Soldering Iron with Fine Tip
* Epoxy Glue
* White PVA Glue or Wood Glue
* UHU Por Expanded Polystyrene Glue (Link)
* Hobby Knife
* Blenderm Hinge Tape (Link)
* Modelling Tape - Optional (Product Link)
* Sanding Block

Airframe Overview Video
A quick look at the airframe, parts and the aircraft's features as well as a few examples of indoor and outdoor flying.

Park Flying Video
The MicronWings Mini Delta is ideally suited to indoor flying in sports halls but can also be flows as shown here outdoors on days with no wind. Flying here around a park area with some landing examples.

Carpark Flight Video
An example of the handling of the Mini Delta in a confined space. Although this airframe is designed to be a slow and stable indoor flyer, it is also quite nimble under power and can sustain a good tight rate of turn. Just the thing for dodging some carpark poles at full speed.  

Kit Contents
The airframe is supplied as a kit and the parts are laser cut from Depron foam of various thicknesses and Balsa. The geardrive and prop are included with the kit but receiver, servos and battery must be purchased separately. The kit is also supplied with a set of decal stickers and control linkage parts.

Decals Examples
Dress the airframe up with the supplied decals.

Price: $39.50


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