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Motor Set 7mm x 20mm FR CR
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7mm DC Motor 1.7 Ohm


Width 7mm
Length 20mm
Shaft 1.0mm
Weight 3.2g each
Wires 60mm
Connector none
Start Volts 3.0
Unloaded 50mah
Resistance 1.3 Ohms
Speed RPM Unloaded 30,000 Rpm

These motors are tuned to run in opposite directions so they are perfect for dual prop planes or for using one motor for a pusher props. Related products to the right shows which props fit these motors.

Test Specs
2508 Prop
3.6V - 0.68A, 10.8 grams of thrust

4.0V - 0.78A, 12.4 grams of thrust

4.2V - 0.83A, 13.2 grams of thrust

55 x 20 Prop (as used on Walkera quads)
3.5V - 0.8A, 14.6 grams of thrust

4.0V - 0.9A, 16.3 grams of thrust

These motors have a 1.0mm shaft. To use some of the propellers listed below you may need to drill the shaft hole out to 0.95mm.

MicronWings Test Data
Prop   Thrust Amps Volts Notes
micro prop 32mm Micro Prop 11 Grams 0.66 Amps 4.0 Volts  
micro prop 28mm Tri-Blade 12 Grams 0.77 Amps 4.0 Volts  
micro prop 46mm WideBlade 29 Grams 1.97 Amps 4.0 Volts  
micro prop 57 x 20mm Prop 32 Grams 2.43 Amps 4.0 Volts  
micro prop 55 x 20mm 34 Grams 2.25 Amps 4.0 Volts  

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