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Motor Brushed N30 with CR Prop (Pack of 3)
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Length 25.5mm
Diameter 14.1mm
Weight 5.5 grams
KV 3000mm
Shaft 1 mm
Lead length 50mm
# in pack 3
1 x Motor
1 x Propeller CR

The N30 is a great reliable workhorse of a motor which features long life and solid construction. Although the power to weight ratio may be slightly less than geardrive setups, many people prefer the reliability of a direct drive system. See our test data below.

This motor is supplied with a 75mm propeller which gives good all round performance and it allows the motor to be run from a 3 amp brushed ESC unit or directly from many brick type receivers. The supplied prop also has a bore which goes all the way through allowing you to reverse the prop on the shaft for a pusher prop configuration. You will need to sand the terminals with some sandpaper to allow for easier soldering.

The screw holes in the front of the motor are for an M1.4 (1.4mm) screw and they should be screwed into the case no more than 3mm

MicronWings Test Data

Propeller Ampage Draw Test Voltage Thrust
75mm Prop
(Supplied prop)

2.8 amps 3.8 Volts 42 grams
GWS 2510

1.8 amps 3.8 Volts 33 grams
80mm White

3.45 amps 3.8 Volts 47 grams
GWS 4025

4.0 amps 3.8 Volts 48 grams

Other Notes: This motor can also be run on 2S (7.4 volts). However, the life of the motor will be greatly reduced and running on full throttle for more than 10 seconds will overheat the motor. Run this motor on 2S at your own risk.

Supplied 75mm Prop - 6.1 amps - 110 grams of thrust.

Was: $8.50each

Now: $9.90
(pack of 3)
(NEW Lower Price)

All prices in AUD
MicronWings is an
Australian business

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