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NanoStick Kit Complete
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Wingspan 23cm
Channels 3 (no aileron)
Weight 6.4 grams
Included in Kit
Airframe Parts
Motor and Propeller
DSM2 Receiver
Button Cell and Charger
Build Instructions
(available soon)

This product is currently in development and will be available after August 2018

About Nano Stick

The Nano Stick brings micro flight to a whole new level. At just 6.4 grams all up flying weight with battery, this micro airframe exhibits excellent slow flight characteristics and stability. The included actuator receiver is DSM2 compatible and this coupled with the very latest design in-line proportional hinge actuators gives outstanding performance at minimum weight. The geardrive utilises a 4mm motor and Modulus 0.2 gears. This, coupled with a specifically designed light weight prop provides over 5 grams of thrust giving the perfect balance of current draw, thrust and airspeed.

The airframe is supplied in kit form and needs to be constructed. Intermediate building skills are required when working with the micro components in this kit. 

Motor and Prop
The specially designed propeller is formed from PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) plastic making it extremely light weight and flexible. The prop weighs in at just 0.15 grams making it perfect for this 4mm geardrive which puts out over 5 grams of thrust. The whole powerplant with propeller weighs just 1.25 grams.  

Actuators and Tail Surface Design
The in-line hinge actuators weigh just 0.2 grams each making them the lightest proportional hinge actuator available. Deflection angle is in excess of 30 degrees giving both reliable and positive control over yaw and pitch. The specially designed tail surfaces incorporate force tabs in front of the control surface hinge line which use air pressure to assist the actuator movement.

Airframe Overview and Flight Video



Price: TBA

All prices in AUD
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