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Prop 100mm With Prop Saver - Pack of 3
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Prop Weight 0.51g
Prop Saver/Oring 0.08g
Diameter 100mm
Prop Bore 1.1mm
Saver Bore 0.87mm

This prop and saver combination is incredibly light weight being made from soft flexible plastic. Most light weight props of this kind are fitted directly to the geardrive shaft, but this assembly with the prop saver gives extra protection to the motor and geardrive. The prop has a recess in the back which fits onto the prop saver and keeps the prop perfectly cantered and therefore in balance.

The mounting hole in the prop itself is also deep enough to allow the prop to be fitted directly to a 1.1mm shaft if required. This prop is a perfect choice for most 6mm geardrives and with the prop saver having a bore of 0.87mm it can be pressed firmly onto a shaft of up to 0.97mm in diameter.  



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