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Propeller 108mm Lightweight - Pack of 3
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Diameter 108 mm
Shaft Bore 4.0 mm
Weight 1.05 grams

A lightweight and versatile prop. These props have a bore of 4.0mm the same as GWS props and fit any 4mm prop adapter. They also come with a spinner which inserts into the 4mm bore and the spinner itself has an internal bore of 2.0mm allowing the prop to also be fitted to a 2mm shaft.

Showing the prop fitted to a 1mm prop saver (not included)

Showing the prop fitted to a 1mm prop adapter (not included)

Showing the prop fitted with GWS Spinner (not included)

Price: $9.60
(pack of 3)

Holiday Notification

7th Dec - 26th Dec
Orders received between these dates will be sent on the 27th December

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