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Receiver 24R6CLV11 DSM2 Compatible Linear 5Ch Brick
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Band DSM2
Weight 3.98 grams
Length 28mm
Width 26.4mm
Height 7.7mm
Connectors JST SH
Channels 5 Ch
Onboard ESC Brushed 2A

This 45ch brick is an all in one receiver and servo unit – a perfect plug and play solution for micro airplanes. It works with any DSM2 compatible transmitter. The battery connector is a standard Molex 2 pin.

The unit comes with an on-board 2A brushed ESC as. Single or dual aileron servos can also be plugged into the sockets on the board.

For aileron servos use any of the ones listed to the right - LSM1300, LSM1800L or for a conventional servo the BlueArrow 2512 with JST SH connectors. These servos will work with this receiver without re-wiring.

Setup for brushed motor connection below. Note the pins of the connector that
the motor wires are connected to. For this setup you will alos need one of these connectors. (Connector Link)

Price: $68.90

All prices in AUD
MicronWings is an
Australian business

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