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Receiver 3Ch Brick Style DSMX DSM2
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Band DSMX/2
Weight 4.75 grams
Length 25.5mm
Width 28mm
Height 8.0mm
Connectors Molex 2P
Channels 3 Ch
Onboard ESC Brushed 3A

This 3ch brick is an all in one receiver and servo unit – a perfect plug and play solution for micro airplanes. It works with any DSMX or DSM2 compatible transmitter. The battery connector is a standard Molex 2 pin.

The unit comes with an on-board 3A brushed ESC only. There is no provision for a brushless ESC connection. Please note that the connector at the rear of the board is not implemented in this receiver's firmware. The receiver is a 3Ch receiver (Throttle, ElEvator and Rudder)

Bind Procedure

  • Leave transmitter turned off.
  • Connect power to the receiver (1S 3.7 volts)
  • The blue light will soon start to flash quickly. Now the unit is in bind mode.
  • Turn on your transmitter an put it into bind mode.
  • The blue light on the receiver will stay on constantly once bound.


Price: $48.80

Holiday Notification

7th Dec - 26th Dec
Orders received between these dates will be sent on the 27th December

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