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Receiver Rx62H DSM2 Compatible Linear 5Ch Brick (With Onboard Linear Servos)
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Product Rx62H
Modulation DSM2
Weight 3.48 grams
Length 23.0mm
Width 24.0mm
Height 8.0mm
Connectors JST SH 1mm
Channels 5
(Dual Aileron)
ESC Brushed 2A

manual Manual

The RX-62H is a fully DSM2 compatible unit with onboard linear servos as well as ports for external aileron servos. The aileron ports can run either a single aileron servo or dual servos which can also have their direction reversed. The unit can be programmed using the transmitter for the following functionality.

V-Tail Mixing
This function allows you to set the receiver to do the v-tail mixing instead of the transmitter (for those who don’t have a programmable transmitter). In this mode when the elevator stick is moved, both the onboard servos move in the same direction in unison. Moving the rudder stick will allow the servos to move in unison but in the opposite direction to one another.

Onboard Servo Swapping
This function allows you to swap the elevator and rudder servos on the receiver board. Use this function to swap the servos to suit the control horn position on your model.

Aileron and Rudder Swapping
With this function set, the linear rudder servo on the receiver board will respond to the aileron stick on the transmitter instead of the rudder stick. Also, any servos connected to the aileron ports on the receiver board will respond to the rudder stick on the transmitter.

Aileron Direction Reversing
There are two aileron ports on the receiver board which can be used to drive either one or two aileron servos. If you are using just one aileron servo and need to change its direction, you can simply plug it into the other port instead. However, if you have dual aileron servos plugged into these ports and you need to swap their direction of travel, you need to do so with the “Aileron Direction Reversing” function.



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