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micronwings mini delta

micronwings depron bug

Large Depron Sheets
Micro FPV Syatems

lemon brick receivers
FRSky D16 receivers

RC Resources and Guides

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May 2020 - Hannu Finland
April 2019 - Gordon (USA)
micro rc plane
May 2018 - Carl (USA)
micro rc plane
March 2018 - Gordon (USA)
micro rc plane
In The Workshop
(Build Logs from MicronWings)
SE5a Modification

Adding ailerons and conventional servos

We convert a rubber powered free flight
Micro PoleCat
A micro sub 20 gram indoor or park flyer
Edge 540 Depron Profile

A 35cm wing span racer with an AP-02 motor.

Refitted - We convert this Yak 54 to a brushless setup
F22 Micro

A new direct drive control system




auMicronWings is an Australian based business
All prices in AUD

What's NEW
Micro brick
FPV Goggles
GB04 Adapter
M0.3 9T 0.61mm
Didel MK04-10
4:3 System
16:9 System
FXT Viper 2.0 FPV Goggles
14mm Mount
12mm Mount
M2x12mm Screws
M2x16mm Screws
standoffs Brass Standoffs
StepDown Reg
StepUp Reg
standoffs Brass Standoffs
standoffs 15mm Standoffs
Cable Ties
UHU Hart Glue
M2 Dampeners
15mm Standoffs
10mm Standoffs
M2 Black Nuts
M2x4mm Screws
M2x6mm Screws
M2x10mm Screws