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  Submitted By: Carl from the USA  
  "This is a tandem wing airplane inspired by the Rutan Quickie. I built it from two highly modified Guillows free flight gliders and parts from Micron Wings. Specifically, I used a Micron Wings 7 mm twin drive motor with a GWS 6030 propeller which was attached to the motor with a 1 mm brass prop saver. I also used a Micron Wings 2 mm power connector and a Turnigy nanotech battery. The plane was highly experimental so its flying characteristics were far from perfect. It would fly on a straight and level course at low power, but would stall during turns." - Carl    
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"This is a great example from Carl. At MicronWings we love to see people creating and experimenting. The twin drive gearbox used certainly gives more than enough power and the prop saver instead of using a prop adapter is a good choice. It’s always a bit of a toss up between whether to use prop savers or prop adapters but of course for an experimental model the prop saver is the way to go. It’s also good to see those Guillows models going to good use and being recycled in this project. I’m always one for keeping and reusing old parts no matter how cheap they are." - Mark from MicronWings



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