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  Submitted By: Peter Mack from Australia (RC Groups - Peter Mack)  
  Peter's Club Site: http://indooraviation.com   

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  "RC Converted Hawk Sky Mini EPP Glider As a chuck glider of 50mm span, this one has been popular with my grandkids and some time ago I made a successful RC conversion with a 5gram brushless motor and a 2s 180mah battery.

Because this model was too heavy to fly at our indoor meeting, I decided to attempt another version of the glider with single cell power. I had been using the motors and props from quadcopters as direct drive power units on some light indoor models and decided that two of these might be sufficient to do the job. They were mounted in tandem on a pylon above the wing, one pulling/one pushing." - Peter
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"The RC unit is a v929 ex helicopter brick (the built-in ESC handles the amperage demand from both motors adequately) and a 300mah single cell provides the power. Fixed flaps from 2mm Depron added some wing area. The tandem model flew reasonably well, but of course nothing like the 2s brushless version." - Peter
"To help things along, an effort was made to lighten the airframe by cutting holes in the wings and tail plane (with a hole-saw!). The holes were then covered with pieces of film from supermarket fruit bags, stuck on with spray glue, and heat shrunk. All this hacking led to the loss of only a few grams because of the added weight of the film and glue. A test flight with the \"holy\" model was disappointing as the motors, by now being old and having been run at high revs for some time, were way past their best. I am now pinning my hopes on a pair of 8.5mm motors on order from from Micron Wings to enliven things again. " - Peter
  "A great and innovative example here. So many of these check glider airframes can be converted to RC and you already have the benefit of knowing the aerodynamics are taken care of, so it’s just a case of adding thrust – and if one motor isn’t enough, then just add another. Of course the 8.5mm brushed motors will really give it some get up and go, but with the mentioned brushed setup it will be great. Also the use of the salvaged brick from the heli is a great idea for experimental designs. " - Mark from MicronWings  
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