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  Submitted By: Kevin Howard (Ballarat Aeromodellers Inc)  
  "The lads at Ballarat Aeromodellers Inc have really got the bug, so to speak and have built various versions of our famous Depron Bug. Also shown below are a few other creations from members at the club" - Mark from MicronWings


Showing three well decorated Depron Bugs in the front row and one behind with yellow decals on the wings.

"Four Bugs,one 1/4 Pint,two Rambler’s, all those are using the 7 mm motor – 140 mm prop – 130 Mah battery – wingspans range from 400 mm to 500 mm and weights from 24 g to 30 g ( all fly very well).The other models are one Flyzone Playmate (Excellent slow flyer) one Lanzo Racer (Balsa Construction very nice slow flyer) and one Cessna 182 (bit to fast for a one court hall but it does fly nicely)" - Kevin Howard from Ballarat Aeromodellers Inc

The image below shows the E-Rat built by Kevin Howard.
Wing Span: 120cm
Flying Weight: 186 grams
Motor: Turnigy Park 250 with pulleys and belt o’ring to reduce prop RPM
Prop: GWS 1047
Battery: 2S 600 Mah or 1000 Mah
Flight Time: 20-30 min

Depron Bug

Depron Bug

Depron Bug Variant

Depron Bug Variant

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Clive Phillips also from the Ballarat Aeromodellers is assembling a swam of Bees.

"The inspiration for these came from the Peterborough Model Aeroplane Club in the UK and they have been a  wonderful help. I have to install the electric motors, batteries and timers and hopeful get some more calm weather - but they fly well indoors at a stadium anyway. They come in at about 50 grams and run a Voodoo 25 and 130 mh  battery with a Peterborough timer.
" Clive Phillips - Ballarat Aeromodellers

The bee flying at the 2015 Nats outdoors at about 1 min 20 secs into the video. There is also someone else flying Clive's design just after 9 min 45 Seconds.

Bug Update
Clive at Ballarat Aeromodellers Inc reports that the “Bugs” have taken flight in the form of free flight models with timers. First flights were a success with the “Jill Bee” climbing almost out of sight and then gliding back for a nice landing about 200 meters from the start point. What a great success. The Bugs are using a timer from Ted Szklaruk in the UK. The motor is a 7mm Base Mount from MicronWings and Nanotech 130 mah battery. The Depron used for the fuselage is 6mm, upper wings are 2mm and the lower wings are 3mm.
Images Below

7mm Base Mount
150mah Lipo
Depron 3mm White


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