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  Submitted By: Dale (Australia)  
  "Here is my first ultra-light micro build, Based off a Bandit by Diablo3d on RCGroups. I have scaled it down greatly to 33cm. construction is skeletonised 2mm Depron (all hand cut!) with 2 micron Mylar covering and .6mm carbon fibre rods for reinforcement.

The running gear is a little on the porky side. I used a Spektrum AR6400L board for the receiver and rudder / elevator servos with a AS2000L on a bell crank for the aileron. Power plant is an AP03 motor with a 3A speedy swinging a GWS4025 prop.

Overall weight came in at 18g with a bare airframe weight of approx 5g, a touch heavier than I had hoped, however I am not using the lightest gear.

She flies very well, capable of performing most 3d manoeuvres, and will happily slow down nicely however doesn't have that floaty feel I was hoping for. Overall very happy considering this is my first super light micro build.

I will work on improving it, incorporating more carbon rod and less Depron in V2, and will also look at lightening the running gear. I am also about to begin a smaller and lighter version running actuators and a very small and light brushed gear drive.
" - Dale  

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"Dale has done a great job here. With micro RC it’s all about cutting down every gram of weight. The AP03 is a great selection and one of the all round best motors for micro RC. We’re very much looking forward to the V2 of this model" - Mark from MicronWings



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