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  Submitted By: Gerry de Groot (Australia)  
  "The P1A-1 free flight "Soarer" looked like a great glider and easily lost on a good day. Rather than fit a de-thermaliser, I made it rudder-only RC, It has a Lemon 6ch DSM2 Rx and an Origin linear servo. I didn't want the gear outside the fuselage, so the fuselage was widened with an extra thickness of balsa and shaped inside to accommodate the radio gear.

A 110mAh 1S Lipo supplies the power. The radio gear cover is secured with two magnets. A 0.3mm wire pushrod runs inside the tail boom, exiting near the front of the fin. The tow-hook assembly supplied with the kit was not used to provide space for the radio gear. Instead, a wire tow-hook is fitted so the model can be hand-towed. The wings and tailplane are covered in yellow Esaki tissue. The fuselage was sprayed with Tamiya acrylic primer and two colour coats. All-up the weight is under 50gm, so I'm looking forward to test flying the "Soarer" when the thermals come out of hiding!

This very nice kit and the RC gear was sourced from Micron Wings." - Gerry  

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"A fantastic idea by Gerry here and indeed the cavity inside this glider lends itself well to being fitted out with radio gear. This glider is one of the best sellers in the higher end line and has great flight characteristics. It’s a challenging build and suitable for experienced builders." - Mark from MicronWings



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