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  Submitted By: Joe Malinchak USA  
  "My 1/72 scale corsair design has a 6.8 inch (17cm) wingspan, and uses a DelTang Rx43d receiver for control with 4 actuators. The model weighs 5 grams RTF with a 30mAh LiPo cell. I drew all of the graphics in Adobe illustrator, and printed them out onto thin 0.20mm Durobatics foam. I spray several coats of inkAid onto the foam and that makes it inkjet ready.

The Marines Dream version uses a Gasparin GUL650 brushless motor for power. The Sky Boss uses a hot geared 4mm motor. " - Joe  

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"An absolutely magnificent build. The artwork and detail is amazing not to mention Joe has achieved 4ch control with actuators in a model so small. Durobatics foam was the product of choice for this type of build when it was available and we’re all now searching for a suitable replacement.." - Mark from MicronWings



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