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  Submitted By: Ben from Brisbane (Australia)  

Lacey M10
"Peanut Scale (13 inch wingspan) Lacey M10 made almost exclusively from Depron Foam. Wing and fuselage uses 1.5mm sanded Depron, tail and fin 1.2mm with 3mm formers in the fuselage and two layers of 6mm for the nose block. Covered with printed Japanese tissue for colour and markings realism (using water thinned 75 / 25 Aquadhere). Generally used 5 minute epoxy to construct.

Wheels are 18mm foam wheels from MicronWings sleeved with 3mm carbon and 1/16" aluminium tube for 0.75mm wire undercarriage.

Model is a little heavier than hoped at 22 grams (without rubber), due mainly to the built up wing - next model will use a formed wing section to hopefully reduce the weight...

Apart from the weight being a little up, the concept seems a winner though - particularly for a predominately white scale model !" - Ben  


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“A beautiful free flight model here from Ben. The perfectly shaped wing section showing just what can be done using a built-up wing section design with thin Depron foam. Quite a classic looking plane with great artwork.”  - MicronWings  


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