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  Submitted By: Scruffy1 (Australia)  

The Canardly
"Scratchbuilt from heat formed depron 2mm sheet for the wings, and flat for the other parts, and a small bit of 3mm grey for the fore wing mount powered by a "flydreams bird type power unit" - essentially a small capacitor driving a tiny brushed motor with a 4.5cm pusher prop." - Scruffy1

Wingspan: 28cm
Weight: just under 12 grams
Flight time: around the 30 second mark

Build Thread on RCGroups


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  "Great work here from Scruffy1 in Australia on this capacitor powered free flight plane. A great canard design that not only looks the part, but has very good flight characteristics as well. Please take a look at the build log link at the top of the page for more information on this design. Also in Sruffy1’s build thread is a link to another forum showing how to “bake Depron” to make a curved upper wing surface." - MicronWings

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