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  Submitted By: Ben from Brisbane (Australia)  

Edge 540 Peanut Scale
"This Edge 540 Peanut Scale indoor free flight model is a rubber powered project, based on a Red Bull Air Race aircraft. The necessity to colour the wings and tail in a dark colour meant conventional construction would not work, so I elected to experiment with Depron Foam. The wings are 6mm sanded to section and 1.2mm sanded for the tail and fin. Each is then covered with printed Japanese tissue applied with 75 / 25 water / Aquadhere. The fuselage is conventional balsa stringer construction with formers.

Being a mid-wing model of limited wing area flying performance is limited but a 25 second flight time following ROG (rise off ground) has been achieved on the first testing day, with potentially a little more to come with finer tuning. Flight performance was always a secondary consideration for this project however, with the decoration being the key motivation for the build. " - Ben  


micro edge 540

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“Absolutely amazing workmanship on this model, with some innovative techniques being used with the sanded 1.5mm Depron as well as the tissue over Depron on the wings. .”  - MicronWings  


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