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  Submitted By: Carl from California (USA)  

Mighty Mini Pod Racer
micro edge 540
"This is an enlarged and slightly modified version of the Balsa-Craft Pod Racer. Naturally, it uses Micron Wings foam and electronic components. Specifically, it is built from 2mm depron foam to dimensions taken from the Pod Racer and enlarged by a factor of 1.5. It is powered by a 200 mAh 1S lipo battery and the 1S 5A micro esc for brushed motors in conjunction with the 8 mm Gearbox. Complete with prop motor/gearbox/propeller combination gives the plane and ample amount of power.  I have used two of my own 2.5 gram servos, but I would recommend the Blue Arrow S02511 for its torque since the control surfaces are rather large and the plane can develop a fair amount of speed in a dive making a servo with a large torque output necessary during the pull out of the manoeuvre in my opinion.

Now for a bit more on its flying characteristics.  I have found that the plane, in spite of being a nearly enlarged version of the Pod Racer will not roll as well as the Pod Racer will.  Yes the high-wing Pod Racer will roll as strange as that sounds thanks to its generous aileron area; however, this plane tends to resist it and requires a generous amount of speed going into the roll. If you want to try it, then I would recommend doing it at the end of a dive.  This reluctance to roll however means that the plane is naturally fairly stable.  I have found that this stability persists in light winds which this plane can handle with ease.  It also slows down modestly; however, rudder authority seems to be compromised at slower speeds making this plane more at home at medium airspeeds.

A note about the position of the wing pylon.  You may notice that the pylon in this model is mounted to the fuselage behind where the wing pylon is mounted to the fuselage in the Balsa-Craft Pod Racer.  This was done to properly balance the plane.

I have two final notes about the construction of the plane. First, form the wing sheets over something round like a rolling pin or a dowel using a covering iron.  I have found that a hot air gun and the edge of a table are not precise enough to form a good airfoil.  Second, the wing ribs R1 are not cut out as two pieces, rather each R1 rib is cut out as a single piece and then glued to the wing and then a portion of it is cut out for the tops of the wing pylon" - Ben  

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Supplied by Carl
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“The pod racer is a classic design and Carl has done an excellent job with this version. The big advantage of course is the ailerons which this design has. We’re finding that a lot of designs for balsa planes are lending themselves quite well to Depron construction. ”  - MicronWings  


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