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  Submitted By: Gordon (USA)  

Stick Coupe
micro edge 540
"Stick Coupe, for a stick version of a sort of Monocoupe. This plane was designed to fly like a standard Vapor, but look a bit nicer. Wingspan is 18.5 inches and final weight with battery is 22.4grams. Equipment is MiniVapor brick, and a geared 7mm drive.

There is a thread on this plane with plans in the Scratch Built forum on RCGroups

Construction is laser cut Depron, skeletonized and covered with RA Microlite mylar covering. Letters and Monocouple logo were laser cut from mylar and glued on with 3M77. The wing has a balsa leading edge glued on. At least one person has built this from the plans by hand cutting the foam skeleton, which doesn't take as long as it sounds. This plane is a nice place to put the equipment from an old Vapor. " - Gordon (RCGroups: Gordon Johnson) 


  micro edge 540  
  micro edge 540  
  micro edge 540  

“A great use for that old gear from a Vapor or similar plane. The design is just beautiful with classic curves and cut-outs which can only be done neatly with  a laser cutter. Seeing these side by side, the RA Microlite mylar is a big step up visually and really sets the plan off well.”  - MicronWings  


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