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  Submitted By: Carl from the USA  
  " This model is called the Micro Pod and is based on plans obtainable from AirAge Media under the same name. The Micro Pod is a small 2.5 oz/70 gram motor glider with a 25 inch/63 cm polyhedral wingspan. It is constructed entirely of 1/32 inch sheet balsa and a foam fuselage core that is 1/2 inches or equivalently 1.27 cm thick.

The model is powered by a 220 mAh 1s lipo, an ESC 1S Brushed MICRO 5A, and an N30 FR motor with stock propeller. The model performs adequately; however, I think a coreless motor setup which provides more power would be more desirable. The N30 FR motor produces approximately 42 grams of static thrust at a voltage of 3.8 Volts and pulls 2.8 Amps. The model weights approximately 70 grams. The thrust to weight ratio is approximately 42g:70g or equivalently 0.6:1. This powers the glider adequately, but I would like to try a coreless motor and gearbox combination in it's place.  The model will climb, but not with great authority.  It is exceptionally stable against wind gusts and will recover its original attitude very well.  It can be made to turn very tightly too." - Carl 

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