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  Submitted By: Gordon from the USA  
  Model: Micro Ugly Stik


Weight: 6.75g
Wing Loading: (12 inch / 305mm span) is 0.62 oz/sq.ft
Receiver: Deltang
Servos: 0.515 grams from Micro Flier Radio
Propulsion: Blade QX 4mm motor in a gear drive using watch gears.  
Prop: 4 inch molded foam composite prop from Ruslan Ermolin.  
Battery: 30mAh Ares LiPo

"Construction is molded 0.5mm carbon fiber rod, molded by me, the builder. CF is from 3k CF tow with West System two-part epoxy, and then molded in laser cut card stock. Covering is 2um clear mylar, airbrushed with laser cut painting masks." - Gordon

Flight Video


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