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  Submitted By: Hannu from the Finland  
  Model: AD/HD


Rx: 3 Ch Brick Style or 4ch+ channel micro
ESC: Brushed Micro 1S 3A ESC or 4A Bare Board, 6-7A 2S
Brushed Motors: 7mm x 16mm, 8.5mm x 20mm coreless motors
Brushless Motors: AP-03 brushless motor or AMAXInno 1103 5000kv
Props: Propeller 55mm, GWS 3020, Tri-Turbofan Prop (65 mm)
Servos: 5320 or 5330 servos / 2 gram servo or HK-282A
Typical flying Weights: 40cm 27 grams, 50cm 45 grams

"This plane is originally designed by my friend Harri Pihl. He combined some good ideas together to a really simple and clever design that is super versatile and almost crash proof. And it slope soars if too needed.

The original 40 had its wing and fin made from 3mm Depron and the fuselage was 15mm thick packing foam, the only glue joints were between the fuselage and wing and motor and the servo-brick receiver. AUW being 27 grams.

Everyone liked this little and lively delta and soon we all started making more of them with slight variations and improvements such as 15mm EPP fuselage, carbon flat reinforcements, tape reinforcements on leadin edge, different materials and what not. First 50 sized were with AP-03 brushless motor and 6A ESC with GWS 3020 propeller, HK-282A servos and 2S 180mAh batteries, weighting about 50 grams. And of course we had to slap FPV-camera on one, what a blast was it to fly FPV indoors and outdoors!

The most succesfull ones have been 1S 40 and 2S 50, they're the easiest ones to get to fly well and benefit the most of the materials and lightness. There are several variations made of it starting from just as small as 30cm 15 gram to 125cm 200 gram behemoth.

Go ahead and check the RC-Groups' link, there's plenty of story, tips and links there :) " - Hannu

Video of an AD/HD Indoor Flying Session

For more great flight videos please check out Hannu's YouTube channel.

RC Groups Link - Videos and info from the indoor flying venue

RC Groups Link - Specific to the ADHD









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