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The JST SH 3 pin connector most commonly comes in two wiring types – Brown, Red, Orange which is the format extensively used by HobbyKing products as well as many Chinese based brands. For example, this connector and wiring configuration is used in the HobbyKing SuperMicro series as well as on micro Lemon Rx DSM2 Compatible receivers and DelTang receivers. However, another common wiring configuration is Black, Red, White and this is most commonly used on servos. These connectors are also commonly used on flight controllers.

In general, almost all linear servos will have this connector type, as will the receivers designed for such servos like the Spektrum AR6400 series. The main distinguishing feature of this connector is the extra wide lugs at the back of the housing which make it easily identifiable compared to the similar looking Molex Picoblade connector.  

JST SH 3 Pin Connector
JST SH 3 Pin Connector
JST SH 3 Pin Connector
JST SH 3 Pin Connector
JST SH 3 Pin Connector