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JST ZH 3 Pin
jst sh connectors
JST ZH Connectors
Adapter JST ZH to JST SH Reverse

The JST ZH connector is the largest of the common micro connectors with a pin spacing of 1.5mm. It is also the only connector to have round (pole) pins, a feature which makes it easily recognisable and distinguishes it from other similar connectors. This connector is commonly found in use on some Spektrum receivers such as the AR 6300 and also on the DelTang DT Rx35d and LemonRx LM 6Ch ZH. The BlueArrow range of micro servos also widely uses this type of connector.

The 3 pin JST-ZH 1.5mm is also used as the Satellite Connector on Spektrum/Lemon/Orange gear. Spektrum also use a 4 pin version for their data port on standard receivers.
These connectors are also commonly used on flight controllers.

Please note that while other RC connectors commonly have Positive on the centre pin, the convention for the ZH connector is to have Ground on the centre pin. Care should be taken when using this connector and you should always check the actual polarity on the leads and not just rely on the lead colour.
JST ZH 3 Pin Connector
JST ZH 3 Pin Connector
JST ZH 3 Pin Connector
JST ZH 3 Pin Connector
JST ZH 3 Pin Connector