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Hints and Tips (The "How to" Section)
Some simple tutorials showing skills and techniques for micro RC building.

  Electrical and Connectors
  Removing and replacing wires from micro RC connectors.   Soldering Actuator Wires   Soldering Actuator Wires to Receiver
  Ultra-fine soldering        
  Motors and Geardrives
  How to attach a propeller to a drive shaft without bending the shaft.   Testing DC Current Draw   Brushed ESC Setups
  Making a micro balsa propeller        
  Control Linkages
  Control linkage type explanation   Up and Over Linkages for Brick Rx    
  Covering and Decorating
  Covering with Shrink Film   Covering with AeroMicroFilm    
  Working With Depron
  Forming Wing Sections   Methods of working with Depron   Painting Depron