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Adapter JST ZH to JST SH Reverse
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plantraco nanoact actuator coil


Weight 0.66g each
Length 111mm
Connector 1 JST ZH
Connector 2 JST SH
No in pack 3

Adapters for JST ZH to JST SH - Reverse.
Note: The wire order on the JST SH socket has the signal and negative wires swapped compared to the product named "Adapter JST ZH to JST SH"


This adapter lead can be used to run a BlueArrow servo (D03010 or S2515) from a Lemon 6Ch receiver with JST SH Connector Sockets as shown below. The wiring configuration is correct.

JST extension wires when used with this adapter have the wiring configuration in a different order.

Use this adapter to run a BlueArrow S02515 or D3010 servo
with a DelTang Rx33 receiver.


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Price: $ 9.90
(set of 3)


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