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Balsa-Craft Lite Stick Airframe (with motor and prop)
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Wingspan 37cm
Channels 3 (no aileron)
Weight 23 grams
Included in Kit
Airframe parts + carbon
Motor and Propeller
Control Linkages

Build Instructions

FRSky Tx Model Icon
(Download Link)

Lite Stick V2
This is version 2 of the much loved Lite Stick plane. This improved version sports a larger wingspan and therefore lower wing loading giving it a stable and slow flight profile. Also, difficult to glue carbon parts have been replaced with nylon instead. You can fit-out this airframe with either a brick style receiver or one with a servo setup.

  PowerPack - Included with kit
Included with this kit is a powerpack which contains a "rod mount" geardrive, propeller and prop adapter. This geardrive is specifically designed for the LiteStick.
  Sticker Decals - Included with kit
MicronWings supplies this kit with two sets of Decal stickers!
Dress it up in any of the themes shown below or create your own design.
Overview Video. A brief look at this new version of the LiteStick
Flight Video. A short flight outside in light winds





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