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Balsa-Craft Sopwith Pup Airframe Kit
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Wingspan 38cm
Length 28mm
Weight 40-50 grams
Channels 3
Suggested Components
Motor 7mm geared
Prop 140mm
Control Servos
Receiver Rx Brick
Battery 300mah 1S
Build Instructions
This PDF file contains the build instructions
FRSky Tx Model Icon
(Download Link)
The Sopwith Pup is the latest in high quality Balsa Craft models. Featuring well designed laser cut parts which fit together to form a strong yet light weight frame, this model is a pleasure to build.
Included in Kit Not Included in Kit
* Airframe Parts
* Screws, magnets
* Carbon rods and control linkages
* Ballast weight
* Hinge material and adhesive dots
* Decal Stickers
* Motor and Propeller
* Receiver
* Battery and charger

MicronWings supplies this kit with a free set of Decal stickers!

MicronWings Quality Guarantee
uhu hart glue We send all airframe kits in rigid cardboard postage boxes to ensure you receive your kit in perfect condition with no breakages.

This kit can be sent worldwide for our standard minimum postage charge. Please see this page for postage details - POSTAGE

Price: $49.50


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Flight Video

Take-Off and Landing Video 01


Take-Off and Landing Video 02

To complete this kit you may also need the following products.

4Ch DSM2 / DSMX Receiver with 2A ESC
(The recommended receiver option for this model)

Receiver 24R6CLV11 DSM2
(A good option if you prefer a brick type Rx instead)

Servo 5320 Black SH
(Most 5320 servos come with Molex 1.27mm connectors.
For the receiver above you need the 5320 SH version)

Micro Connectors 2mm Round 2 Pin
(for connecting motor wires to receiver board)

28 AWG Silicone Coated Wire
(Used for connecting the motor connectors to the Rx)

 micro heat shrink
Heat Shrink

Gearbox 7mm Twin Drive Horizontally Opposed

140mm propeller
140mm Prop

300mah nano-tech
Nano-Tech 300Mah Battery
(This size battery will also assist in balancing the plane)

Mole Battery Connectors
(Used to make an adapter lead for the 300mah battery)

mCP-X connectors
JST mCP-X Connectors DIY Connectors
(Used to make an adapter lead for the 300mah battery)