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Battery DualSky Eco 110mah With Molex Plug
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Weight 4.01 grams
Length 39.5 mm
Width 11.0 mm
Batt Height 5.0 mm
Case Height 7 mm
Capacity 110 Mah
Voltage 3.7v
Discharge 30 C
Connector Molex
Pitch 1.25mm
Brand DualSky

Note: This item can not be sent outside of Australia due to postal regulations

The DualSky ECO range of batteries are shorter than the current Nano-Tech batteries. The Nano-Tech is 45mm long, whereas this 110mah DualSky battery is just 39.5mm long. These batteries are perfect for many models which were designed to accept the now outdated 130mah and 160mah Nano-Tech batteries.

Price: $12.90


Postage is not available outside Australia for this item.

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