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Micro Bearing 2x5x2.5
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bearing 2mm x 5mm x 2.5mm


Bore (ID) 2mm
Diameter (d) 5mm
Width (W) 2.5mm
Load Dyn 9 kg/f
Load Static 3 kg/f
Max RPM 150,000
RPM Grease 80,000
RPM Oil 100,000
Weight 0.24gram
Temperature 20-120 C
Ball bearings 6
# in pack 10
Vibration V1 - V2

Micro bearings for your experimental designs. This "deep groove" bearing has a larger 2mm bore to accomodate gearbox shafts for larger motors. The side casing is sealed and it has 6 micro ball bearings. With a max operational RPM of 150,000, this bearing is solid and reliable.

The price above is for 1 bearing. To order more than one, first click on the "Add to cart" button and thyan o the PayPal shopping card page just adjust the number you need in the box.

Price: $7.90
(pack of 10)


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