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Bearings 1x3x1mm High Grade
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bearing 1mm x 3mm x 1mm


Bore 1mm
Diameter 3mm
Width 1mm
Specification 681
RPM Up to 6,000
Tolerances ± 0.005mm
# in pack 10 bearings
Weight 0.005 g
Material Hardened bearing Steel

Bearings 1x3x1mm General Grade
Bearing Steel Grade: Hardened Bearing Steel
Tolerances Level: GB P6 level (Dimensional accuracy greater than ± 0.005mm)
Recommended Speed: Up to 6,000rpm (high speed)
These bearings have a very smooth feel, and are extremely low noise with a long service life. They are the most suitable bearing for high-speed model motors, miniature power tools (pneumatic tools) and direct drive high speed, high load geardrives and gearboxes.

Price: $16.70
(pack of 10)
All prices in AUD
MicronWings is an
Australian business

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