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Charger USB Powered 200 to 500mah
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micro brass bearing 1810


USB Input

Charge rates

This lithium battery charger can be set to two common charge rates – 200mah and 500 mah. It is suitable for use with 1S batteries from 130mah to 500mah. Plug it into a computer USB socket or into an Android phone charger which has a USB plug.

On-board connector Types
Molex 2 Pin Picoblade 1.25mm Pitch
Molex 2 Pin PH 2.0mm Pitch (MCPX Type Connectors)

If your battery has a Mini Battery Connector as shown below,
use either of these adapter leads to connect it to this charger.
Battery Plug Adapter Option 1 Adapter Option 2

Price: $14.50


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