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Covering Film Heat Activated Tube 100mm Red
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Total Length 2.1 Meters
Diameter 100mm
(2.1 linear meters)
12.2 grams

Thermal activated film is perfect for covering wings and tail sections.
Sold as a pack of three 72 cm lengths.

Because it is a tube shape, the film doesn’t need a sticky back and also doesn’t need to be glued to the airframe. Simply shrink the film with a hair dryer until it fits firmly on the frame. The film will easily shrink to half its diameter.

However, if covering a larger surface, you can cut the tube along one edge, open it out and glue it to the surface before shrinking as shown here.

For gluing, we recommend a tacky glue such as foam safe UHU Por Glue. This glue although designed for foam will become very tacky if left to dry for a while and this is exactly what you need to attach this film.

Sample video showing a wing section being covered.


Sample video showing a horizontal stabiliser being covered.



Price: $9.40
(Three 72cm lengths)


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