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DT Rx33 Receiver Unit for Servos
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AEO GPS-6 6mm Geardrive Gearbox


Product Name DTRx33
Voltage 3 - 6 volts
Weight 0.61 grams
Length 16.6mm
Width 13.1mm
Height 6.25mm
Type Servo
Connector JST SH
Channels 4 or 7PPM
Onboard ESC 1 x Brushed
External ESC Capable

manual Manual

The Rx33 is a 4 channel receiver unit for use with micro Linear servos or the BlueArrow S02515 or digital D3010 which run at 3.7 volts.

This is a DSM2 compatible receiver unit which can be bound to a Spektrum DSM2 capable transmitter or any other transmitter which is DSM2 capable.

Use JST ZH to SH Reverse Adapter Leads to run a
BlueArrow S02515 or D3010 servo with this receiver.

The following linear servos are plug and play with this receiver and have the correct wire order.

Origin Mi-LSM 1300S

Origin Mi-LSM 1800L

Servo Micro Black 2gram
with JST SH Connector

5320 servo SH
Servo 5320 SH
with JST SH Connector

If using a brushed motor with this receiver, use the solder pads as shown here.

Price: $79.00


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