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DT Rx33 Receiver Unit for Servos
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AEO GPS-6 6mm Geardrive Gearbox


Product Name DTRx33
Voltage 3 - 6 volts
Weight 0.61 grams
Length 16.6mm
Width 13.1mm
Height 6.25mm
Type Servo
Connector JST SH
Channels 4 or 7PPM
Onboard ESC 1 x Brushed
External ESC Capable

manual Manual

Please Note: DelTang receivers may be in short supply. If the receiver you want is out of stock you can contact us by email to be notified when it is back in stock.

The Rx33 is a 4 channel receiver unit for use with micro Linear servos or the BlueArrow S02515 or digital D3010 which run at 3.7 volts.

This is a DSM2 compatible receiver unit which can be bound to a Spektrum DSM2 capable transmitter or any other transmitter which is DSM2 capable.

Use JST ZH to SH Reverse Adapter Leads to run a
BlueArrow S02515 or D3010 servo with this receiver.

The following linear servos are plug and play with this receiver and have the correct wire order.

Origin Mi-LSM 1300S

Origin Mi-LSM 1800L

Servo Micro Black 2gram
with JST SH Connector

5320 servo SH
Servo 5320 SH
with JST SH Connector

If using a brushed motor with this receiver, use the solder pads as shown here.

Price: $79.00


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