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DT Rx36 Receiver Unit for Servos (With No Connectors)
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DelTang DTrx36 micro receiver


Product Name DTRx36 N
Voltage 3 - 6 volts
Weight 0.32 grams
Length 18mm
Width 12mm
Height 2mm
Type Servo
Connector none
Channels 4 - 6
Onboard ESC Brushed
External ESC Capable
Connectors 2.54mm


The Rx36 is a 4 channel receiver unit for use with micro servos like the BioMetal or Linear servos. It has no connectors onboard so you are able to solder your servo wires directly to the board and save weight. Alternatively, you may solder your own 2.54mm round or square connector sockets to the board.

This is a DSM2 compatible receiver unit which can be bound to a Spektrum DSM2 capable transmitter or any other transmitter which is DSM2 capable. It also has a 2 Amp brushed ESC onboard.

The 4 channels with PB connectors are for Throttle, Aileron, Elevator and Rudder. additional channels for Gear and Aux signals can be soldered direct to pads on the underneath of the circuit board. If you are using an external ESC, you can connect it to the Throttle connector.

Price: $79.00


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See our Micro PoleCat build thread for an example of a the DTRx36 receiver being used in a plane.