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DT Rx37f - 7Ch Receiver Unit for Servos (With "Dual" Onboard Brushed ESCs)
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DelTang dtrx31 micro receiver


Product Name DTRx37f
Voltage 3 - 10 volts
Weight 0.31 grams
Length 14mm
Width 15mm
Height 1.8mm
Type Servo
Connector None
Channels 7 or 7PPM
Onboard ESC 2 x Brushed
External ESC Capable

manual Manual

Please Note: DelTang receivers may be in short supply. If the receiver you want is out of stock you can contact us by email to be notified when it is back in stock.

The DTRx37f is a receiver designed to be easy to work with and wire up. The first point you'll notice is that there are ample pads to connect not just signal wires but all pos and neg wires as well. Couple this with the ability to wire all 7 servo channels directly to pads on the receiver and you have a truly versatile Rx unit.

The receiver also has the ability to handle "Differential Thrust Steering". To do this it has two x 2Amp brushed ESCs onboard which can each power their own brushed motor. "Differential Thrust Steering" can also be configured for brushless motors.

This is a DSM2 compatible receiver unit which can be bound to a Spektrum DSM2 capable transmitter or any other transmitter which is DSM2 capable.


Outputs: 7, Servos, 1024 step
Optional output: 7ch Sum-PPM output on 1 pin
Brushed ESC's: 2, 2A, 64 step, 1-direction (planes), optional 'twin-steer' mix
Size: 14.1 x 15.0 x 1.8mm
Weight: 0.31g
Pad spacing: 3.2mm (signal), 1.3mm (+/-)
Voltage: 3-10v
Modulation: 2.4GHz compatible with 22ms DSM2 Air
Range: Indoor

Wiring diagrams for various configurations

Motor wire is just 0.35mm in diameter and wire core is the perfect size for the pos and neg holes in the pads on this receiver.
Product Link
motor wire
Motor Wire Set


Price: $77.00


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