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DT Rx53 Receiver Unit for Actuators
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DelTang DTrx53 micro receiver


Product Name DTRx53
Voltage 3 - 6 volts
Weight 0.59 grams
Length 19mm
Width 12mm
Height 2.5mm
Type Actuator
Connector Bare pads
Channels 4
Onboard ESC Brushed
External ESC Capable

Please Note: DelTang receivers may be in short supply. If the receiver you want is out of stock you can contact us by email to be notified when it is back in stock.

The Rx53 features larger solder pads compared to other DelTang receivers making for easier soldering of the actuator wires directly to the pads on the board. The underneath also has solder pads for a battery connector wire.

This is a 4 channel receiver unit for use with actuators and supports 3 actuator channels (Aileron, Elevator and Rudder).

The unit is a DSM2 compatible receiver unit which can be bound to a Spektrum DSM2 capable transmitter or any other transmitter which is DSM2 capable. It also has a 2 Amp brushed ESC onboard.



Price: $75.00


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