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DT Rx73HC - 6Ch Full Range Receiver Unit for Servos
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DelTang dtrx31 micro receiver


Product Name DTRx73HC
Weight 4.2 grams
Length 45mm
Width 19mm
Height 9mm
Type Servo
Connector 2.5mm Pitch
Channels 7
Coax Length 145mm
External ESC Capable

manual Manual

This receiver can be supplied with connectors which are horizontal or vertical. It can also be supplied with no connectors to save weight. In the case of having no connectors you solder the servo wires directly to the board. Aerial options are standard 30mm or 150mm dual coax aerials. The price stated above is for the configuration pictured with horizontal connectors and dual coax aerial.

Also available in the belowconfigurations .

1. Bare board with dual wire aerials

2. Vertical 2.54mm pitch connectors with dual 150mm coax aerials.



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