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Depron Bug V2 Airframe Kit with Motor and Propeller
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he Depron Bug V2 is now being produced by MicronWings in-house. As such, we have reduced the price significantly. We’re also changing the design of this V2 airframe to give a more simplified build experience with better features.


Wingspan 37cm
Channels 3 (no aileron)
Weight 25 Grams
All up flying weight with typical receiver, servos and battery.
Included Components
3mm Depron Airframe
Wooden Fittings
Carbon Pushrods
Control Linkages
Foam Wheels
Geardrive with motor
Needed to Complete
Receiver and Transmitter
Battery and Charger
Hinge tape
Glue and workshop tools

Build Manual

FRSky Tx Model Icon
(Download Link)

Design Features Overview
* Pre-made undercarriage with foam wheels.
* Incorporating base mount 7mm geardrive for easy installation and replacement.
* Pre-drilled motor mount holes incorporating right thrust.
* Mounting holes for 5320 micro servos.

Price: $29.50
All prices in AUD
MicronWings is an
Australian business

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Flight Video
This video shows the Depron Bug flying outdoors with take-off and landing.

The original Depron Bug has been designed to be slow flying and easy to control with just rudder and elevators. It’s perfect for indoor club flying as well as outdoors in still conditions. The all up flight weight is 25 grams including the battery.

The Depron Bug is a micro kit version of the J-Bug developed by "Jimmy J-Flyer" on RC Groups.
To find out more on the history of this classic design, take a look at Jimmy's J-Bug thread.


Repairing Dents in Depron
Eventually the inevitable is going to happen and you’ll run into something and put a dent in your wing or fuselage. Here’s how to fix it by replacing the damaged part.