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Depron Ezee Flyer Airframe Kit with Motor and Propeller
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Wingspan 37cm
Channels 3 (no aileron)
(with radio gear)
27 Grams
Included Components
3mm Depron Airframe
Wire and Carbon Rods
Geardrive with motor
Needed to Complete
Receiver and Transmitter
Battery and Charger
Glue and workshop tools
Build Manual

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(Download Link)

The Depron Ezee Flyer is a classic design slow flyer perfect for indoor flight or outside on very calm days. The wing design provides for ample lift and steady slow flight while maintaining manoeuvrability at slow speeds. The kit is provided as an airframe only kit allowing you to incorporate your own receiver and servos or receiver brick setup.

Flight Video
This video shows the Depron Ezee Flyer flying outdoors with no wind.

A short take off and landing

To complete this kit we recommend the following products.

Receiver 24R6CLV11 DSM2
(A cheaper option brick type Rx)

Micro Connectors 2mm Round 2 Pin
(for connecting motor wires to receiver board)

micro heat shrink
Heat Shrink Variety Pack
(For motor connector and for joining the motor wires)

140mm propeller
Spare 140mm Prop

Control Linkages
(The kit comes with wire to make your own linkages but you may prefer a pre-made solution)

300mah nano-tech
Nano-Tech 150mah Battery
(Australian customers only - No international postage)

300mah nano-tech
100mah Battery
(Australian customers only - No international postage)




Repairing Dents in Depron
Eventually the inevitable is going to happen and you’ll run into something and put a dent in your wing or fuselage. Here’s how to fix it by replacing the damaged part.

Price: $29.50

All prices in AUD
MicronWings is an
Australian business

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