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Depron Grey 6mm Small Sheets (pack of two)
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Depron Grey 3mm sheets


Length 34cm
Width 24cm
Thickness 3mm
Colour Grey
Number in pack 2 sheets
Weight/sqCM 0.01800g

How does Depron Compare to Modelling Foam?
See our Foam Selector page for more information.

depron vs modelling foam

Additional Notes
* Bows in sheets: It is quite common for sheets of Depron to have a very slight bow in them. At MicronWings we always try to select the straightest sheets of Depron for sale online. However, because the manufacturing process of Depron places a thin tensioned skin on either side of the sheet, it is common for sheets to have a bow in one direction of the other. If required, this bow can easily be corrected by using heat and bending the sheet back the other way. There is much information online about this process and most people use either hot water, a hair dryer or heater to do this.

Price: $28.70
(pack of 2 sheets)




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