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Durobatics Sheet - 0.5mm White
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Durobatics White 0.5mm sheets


Length 33cm
Width 30cm
Thickness 0.5mm
Colour White
Sheet Weight 3.87 grams
Weight sqcm 0.00391 g

Durobatics 0.5mm sheets are much more rigid than paper and can be seen to sag under their own weight when held as shown above. However, when formed into a frame with bracing and structure they create a very light weight sturdy airframe. The last image above demonstrates how much you can bend this material before it creases. Note that compared to 1mm Durobatics, this 0.5mm Durobatics is much more flexible.

Our durobatics sheets are stored and sent flat but may have some slight creasing. Any creases can be flattened out by placing the sheet on a hard surface between thin cloth and ironing with an iron on moderate temperatures.

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