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3Amp ESC Unit XP3A


Length 22mm
Width 11mm
Height 4mm
Weight 0.78grams
Continuous 3 Amps
Burst 4 Amps
Li-Po Rating 1s
Max Volts 4.2
Programable yes


The XP3A is a solid performer for 1s applications. It is light weight and has versatile connectors which make it easy to install. Also, removing the connectors can reduce the weight to just 0.7grams. For brushless motor setups the XP3A is definitely the best choice of ESC unit.

This unit is fully programmable using transmitter stick positions at startup. Features which can be set include...

  • Cut off voltage 90.00v - 49.9v)
  • Start power percentage (0% - 29%)
  • Advance triming (low, mid, high, highest)
  • Brake type (off, soft, hard)
  • Start mode (fast, soft, very soft)
  • Cut off type (reduce power, cut off)
  • Throttle curve (curve 1, curve 2, curve3 - refer to manual)
  • Motor rotation (forward, reverse)

Main Features:

  • Equipped with high-speed, small-sized, multifunctional MCU.
  • Full protection features including low-voltage protection, over-heat protection, signal lost protection, safe power on protection.
  • Excellent startup performance, great throttle linear and quick throttle response excellent low-speed performance.
  • Max speed: 240,000 RPM (2 poles), 80,000 RPM (6 poles), 40,000 RPM (12 poles).
  • Individual power circuit for MCU and BEC to improve anti-interference capacity.
  • Throttle range can be configured to be compatible with different receivers.


Price: $24.70

All prices in AUD
MicronWings is an
Australian business

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