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ESC Hifei 5Amp 2S
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5Amp ESC 21mm x 15.5mm 6.3grams for 1s lipo


Length 15mm
Width 17mm
Height 4.8mm
(including wires)
6.6 grams
Battery Type 2S


This 5Amp ESC unit is designed for 2S Operation. Please note - this ESC will work for 2S only not 1S. It is pre-wired for your convenience and fully programmable. it also has various safety features such as overheat shut-off, signal loss power cut and various other functionalities. Please see below for specific details.

Motor connection wires are silicon coated 20AWG 200deg and the Battery wires are silicon coated 18AWG 200deg. The three red wires leading to the motor are 50mm long. The Pos and Neg wires are 80mm long and the 3 wire (signal/Rx Power) bundle is 180mm long.

Specific Features
* Microprocessor controlled
* Extremely low resistance
* Auto lipo cell count detection
* Programmable PWM switching rate (Low/ Middle/ High)
* Programmable low voltage cutoff
* Programmable cutoff types (soft / hard)
* Programmable brake types (disabled / soft / hard)
* Time advance programmable (low / middle / high / auto)
* Govenor mode (low RPM / high RPM)
* Programmable current limiting (sensitive / standard / insensitive / disabled)
* Programmable start up types (very soft / soft / fast)
* Thermal protection (100 degrees C)
* Flashing LED to indicate current limiting or thermal protection active
* Can run motor in forward or reverse by swapping pos and neg wires
* Safe power on ensures motor will not run automatically upon powerup
* Auto shutdown upon power loss or signal loss of 3 seconds.
Upon signal reconection the ESC uit can be rearmed by moving the throttle to low position and back up again.


Price: $16.50

All prices in AUD
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