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ESC 4A Bare Board
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Length 13.4mm
Width 10mm
Height 3.4mm
Weight 0.56grams
Holes Pitch 2.54mm
Continuous 4 Amps
Burst 6 Amps
Li-Po Rating 1s
Min Volts 2.9 Volts
Max Volts 4.2 Volts

This high quality ESC unit is manufactured from 4-layer board which reduces the PCB internal resistance, gives less heat and allows for a smaller form factor compared to many similar ESCs on the market. It features quality components such as Silicon Lab's emf8bb21f16g MCU with an operating frequency up to 48mhz, as well as Fairchild MOSFET, triple IC drivers which are better than most 3A units and give this unit a higher withstand voltage with continuous current at 4Amps and peak current up to 6Amps.

The unit comes standard set up for PWM signal for use in airplanes.

It also supports BLHeli-S firmware (upgrade via signal cable). It also supports the latest DShot 150 / 300 / 600 throttle modes, and supports the common PWM mode throttle signal mode (1mS-2mS)

Wiring Options

Wiring example for connecting battery to a servo port on the receiver.

Wiring example for connecting battery directly to the ESC unit.


Price: $18.50

All prices in AUD
MicronWings is an
Australian business

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